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Star Trek: Requirius

Silver Age Film; Series (Drama) — Charlotte, NC

Star Trek Requirius is a fan show, following four children running the starship Requirius. Three are escaped prisoners of Klingon Pirates, and the other, a survivor of a massacre. They have been separated from their parents and anyone who can help them. The children must fend for themselves and survive in enemy territory with few allies. They cannot go back to Federation space for their mother is wanted for treason.


At the Hands of the Enemy

Season Vignette #V1 — 01min 34sec — 29 August 2009
With his ship under fire, a young boy looks for his parents.



Escape Part 1
Escape Part 1 poster

Season 1 #1 — 13min 02sec — 24 February 2010
Pilot episode for our series. The Hermon family is fleeing from federation space when they are attacked by a Klingon raiding fleet.



Features an unusually high production value for Trek produced by children.

Escape Part 2
Escape Part 2 poster

Season 1 #2 — 10min 48sec — 20 October 2010
The Hermon's have been captured and are held in a Klingon Prison, desperate for escape.



Preview Trailer: (22 Aug 2010)

Escape Part 3
Escape Part 3

Season 1 #3 — 12min 12sec — 29 January 2011
The Hermon children have a ship but are still surrounded by enemies and have minimal supplies. Simon attempts to fix the problem, Abby and Josh make friends, and Ben isn't getting along with his brother Simon.



Blooper Reel: (29 Jan 2011)

Safe Zone
Safe Zone poster

Season 1 #4 — 12min 35sec — 13 March 2011
The season 1 finale. The Hermon's find a system free from Federation or Klingon control that has most of the supplies that they need, but there is also another problem with the system that they did not consider.



Current Production Notes

Planned season (and series) finale, "Past Enemies", originally scheduled for 2012/2013, is listed as On Hold.

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