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Short Films

Short substantial films. Click the title to see our full entry for each.

Good Men

Stone Age Film; Short Film (Drama) — Perth, Australia
09min 08sec — 27 January 2018

Balek Tajor is a businessman like any other; selling information, faulty power relays and high yield explosives to the highest bidder. He is also a man whose reputation is plagued by two conflicting stories, neither of which are true.


Chasing the Infinite Sky
Chasing the Infinite Sky image

Golden Age Animation; Short Film (Drama)
05min 22sec — 24 July 2016

Alternative timeline rendering of Star Trek, by Alvision 100



Widescreen - YouTube:

Star Trek: Chronicles

Silver Age Animation; Short Film (Drama)
06min 20sec — 01 January 2001

This is an old storyboard for an online animation called Star Trek: Chronicles.


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