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Crossover Productions

Works that cross over into other fictional universes. Ordered by medium and format, then alphabetically.

Galactic Geography

Golden Age Film; Short Film (Crossover)

Teens. An extra credit project for a school class. Surprisingly well-produced for the age group and content. Kirk and Spock meet Han Solo and talk about galactic geography.

Star Trek vs. Batman

Golden Age Film; Long Film (Crossover)

Batman. Claims to have been "named one of the top five Fanfilms of all time by Fan Cinema Today."

Star Trek: Save Stargate Universe

Golden Age Animation; Series (Crossover)

Star Trek: The Motion Comic

Golden Age Animation; Short Film (Crossover)

Alien. The original Star Trek crew faces down Alien in this unusually-animated (and incompleted) "motion comic."

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Silver Age Mashup/Recut; Short Film (Crossover)

Star Wars. By TheGreatLink. Recut from TNG and Star Wars original trilogy footage. Tries to be funny as well.

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