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Crossover Productions

Audio-only fan works. Ordered by genre, then alphabetically.

Federation Rebirth
Federation Rebirth image

Silver Age Audio; Series (Drama)

Star Trek Federation Rebirth is an audio fan series about the federation being overthrown by a new form of government with the president leading it as a dictator. The crew of the USS Rebirth fight against this new "Federation" in the name of Starfleet and the real Federation.

Star Trek: Eras

Era Not Applicable Audio; Series (Drama)

This series spans the entire period of Star Trek with a multi-generational story.

Star Trek: Grissom

Golden Age Audio; Series (Drama) — Ireland

Set in 2285.

Starship Excelsior
Default Excelsior Art

Silver Age Audio; Series (Drama) — St. Paul, MN

Embark on a journey of imagination and the human spirit with the crew of the Starship Excelsior as it flits between the stars of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek universe. Exploring new life and new civilizations, she and her crew help chart the paths of the human experience and along the way, they are party to triumph and tragedy, choice and consequence, friends and jokes and snowball fights.

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