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These projects are intended as spoofs of Star Trek, rather than as continuations of it.

These parodies have a certain degree of sophistication and professionalism; for the many, many other less-developed parodies, see Minor Parodies.

Commander Rob

Silver Age Toys/Puppets/Stop-Motion; Series (Parody)

Stop Action Animation.

Cool Age

Late Golden Age Film; Series (Parody)

Cool Age is a science fiction satire that pays homage to many famous films. The project "Cool Age" exists since 1996 and was founded by Rainer Grüning and Dennis Rada. The Cool Age universe now comprises several films, two series and three radio plays. As the number of film enthusiasts and fans increased, an association was founded: Double R Productions.

Within the framework of our association it is easier to communicate with like-minded people. In addition, it is possible to work with a small budget, which gets us more chance of increasing (film) knowledge.

Cool Age is an association of several planets in the 24th century, the so-called "Shooting Stars". More specifically, we follow the adventures of the flagship "U. F. S. Survival", where Captain Ted Erikson and Commander Karta are performing their duties. On their interstellar missions they get to know new planets and mysterious species. The Cool Age universe now includes more characters than just the Captain and his first officer, so we're happy to see you plunge into the Cool Age universe and experience new adventures with us.


Golden Age Film; Sketch/Commercial (Parody)


Live at the Improv: "Spock's Brain"

Golden Age Live Stage Performance; Short Film (Parody) — Irvine, CA, USA

Stalled Trek

Golden Age Animation; Series (Parody) — Little Elm, Texas, USA

Star Burst - Last Contact

Silver Age Film; Long Film (Parody)

Star Spoof Voyager

Silver Age Animation; Series (Parody)

Also called "Star Trek Voyager Cartoon"

Star Track: The Metric System

Silver Age Film; Series (Parody)

Star Trek VII: The Really Last Voyage

Golden Age Film; Long Film (Parody)

Parody on StarTrek TOS on In Living Color from the 90's. With Jim Carrey as Captain Kirk

Star Trek: Alpha Strike

Golden Age Film; Series (Parody) — Lexington, KY

Goatboy Films have produced Star Trek fan films based upon the idea that Gene Roddenberry's 1964 pilot for Star Trek, 'The Cage' is still the apex of Star Trek.

Filmed in glorious black and white (the majority of tv sets in America were in black and white in 1964) and using cost effective special effects, these strange and weird adventures are bare knuckles sci fi excitement!"

Star Trek: Ronnie Redshirt

Golden Age Film; Series (Parody)

A Redshirt gets stuck in our time.


The Wrath of Farrakhan

Golden Age Film; Long Film (Parody)

Parody on StarTrek TOS from In Living Color from the 90's. With Jim Carrey as Captain Kirk

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