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Lego Films

Standalone short films made with Lego (or other toy/puppet media).

Star Trek: The Lego Generation

Silver Age Toys/Puppets/Stop-Motion; Short Film (Drama)
10min 19sec — 01 January 1994

Captain Picard and the Enterprise are on a scientific mission when they receive a distress call from a Federation Colony under attack. Finding that the attack is more than the Enterprise can handle, they leave the colonists to fend for themselves but an unexpected stowaway from the colony leaves with them. Watch "Star Trek: The Lego Generation" to find out what happens.


Commander Rob

Silver Age Toys/Puppets/Stop-Motion; Series (Parody)
08min 27sec — 08 September 2006

Stop Action Animation.


Toy Movies

Era Not Applicable Toys/Puppets/Stop-Motion; Series (Other) — Orange County, California
#1 — 11min 10sec — 20 September 2012

The classic Star Trek films, retold in 15 minutes or less with toys.

YouTube: (11:10)

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