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Star Trek: Alpha Strike

Golden Age Film; Series (Parody) — Lexington, KY

Goatboy Films have produced Star Trek fan films based upon the idea that Gene Roddenberry's 1964 pilot for Star Trek, 'The Cage' is still the apex of Star Trek.

Filmed in glorious black and white (the majority of tv sets in America were in black and white in 1964) and using cost effective special effects, these strange and weird adventures are bare knuckles sci fi excitement!"


Misadventures in Space! Teaser Trailer

1 — 06min 10sec — 22 June 2006
Captain William Campbell takes his space ship number 8 into adventure as he meets Sultan Dragul and his sexy daughters!

Watch on dailymotion:

A zero budget parody of sci fi cliches! More madness to come! A trailer for the full version? May not be suitable for children, parental guidance recommended.

Misadventures in Space! Full Version

1 — 01hr 14min 28sec — 14 July 2007
An evil empire is bent on destroying the forces of earth with a weapon that can turn a man into a slobbering buffoon! Who can lead Earth to a mission accomplished? Why Lord Admiral Lloyd Kaufman of course! Demon aliens! Monsters! Heroes! Cardboard sets! Expect the unexpected in SPACE!

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A sci fi parody that takes its cues from everything from the original StarTrek to Rocky Jones to Betty Boop to Rocky Horror Picture Show to Richard Elfman's Forbidden Zone! Starring Troma guru Lloyd Kaufman and featuring cameos from the lively KY indie scene to adult film star Naomi St. Claire. Written and directed by Jerry Williams (Purvos, Zeppo, and Mint Condition). Think of this as a twisted remake of JJ Abrams Star Trek!

Although the YouTube video was uploaded on 23/06/2011, it is listed on IMDB as being released in 2007. May not be suitable for children, parental guidance recommended.

The IMDB page for this film: (14 Jul 2007)

MySpace page with two teaser trailers of this, no longer online. (The date is the last capture on the Wayback machine (19 Jul 2008)

Blog post that marks the release of the full version on YouTube: (17 Nov 2011)

Star Trek: Alpha Strike – Teaser 1

2 — 01min 19sec — 31 December 2009
First pre-release teaser

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Star Trek: Alpha Strike – Teaser 2

2 — 01min 03sec — 30 June 2010
Second pre-release teaser

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Star Trek: Alpha Strike

Season 2 13min 40sec — 14 January 2011
Captain Corso is in command of the USS Alpha Strike, the sister ship of the Enterprise which is still under the command of Captain Pike, a friend of his from the academy.

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Watch on dailymotion:

Written and directed by Jerry Williams, with horror host Spooky D, Leslie Rogers, Chad Hundley, Claude Miles and Steven Guynn, scream queen Heather Price stars in this episode, originally named, "Beauty of the Razor"

Ghostship – Teaser

3 — 00min 27sec — 06 November 2011
Teaser trailer for the next adventure of the USS Alpha Strike. A mysterious craft has stopped the Alpha Strike with an ominous message...can a previous encounter from another star ship provide the answer for Captain Corso in time?

Watch on YouTube:

Alien Sword Battle

4 — 02min 46sec — 09 January 2016
Some green screen “late night by myself“ fun with Jerry Williams. Happy 50th anniversary Star Trek!

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Current Production Notes

Goatboy Films is the personal imprint of Jerry  Williams, more generally known for his horror films. Jerry was kind enough to respond to our query about his films, and said he plans to produce another action/adventure/drama films set in the Pike era as Star Trek: Alpha Strike

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