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Cool Age

Late Golden Age Film; Series (Parody)

Cool Age is a science fiction satire that pays homage to many famous films. The project "Cool Age" exists since 1996 and was founded by Rainer Grüning and Dennis Rada. The Cool Age universe now comprises several films, two series and three radio plays. As the number of film enthusiasts and fans increased, an association was founded: Double R Productions.

Within the framework of our association it is easier to communicate with like-minded people. In addition, it is possible to work with a small budget, which gets us more chance of increasing (film) knowledge.

Cool Age is an association of several planets in the 24th century, the so-called "Shooting Stars". More specifically, we follow the adventures of the flagship "U. F. S. Survival", where Captain Ted Erikson and Commander Karta are performing their duties. On their interstellar missions they get to know new planets and mysterious species. The Cool Age universe now includes more characters than just the Captain and his first officer, so we're happy to see you plunge into the Cool Age universe and experience new adventures with us.


Sexy Hologram Girls

04min 28sec — 25 May 2009
A song with music video of Double R's Cool Age Revelations as part of the amateur movie Cool Age Revelations.



12min 55sec — 23 November 2010
February 2326. Captain Ted Erikson is ordered to Earth for physical testing. Admiral Westmint puts pressure on the examining doctor. Dr. Siph is supposed to make sure that Erikson fails or hurts himself during the tests, so that they can write him unfit for duty and drop him off as commander of the flagship. In return, the doctor comes up with various nasty ideas, but things go differently than Siph imagined…

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19min 07sec — 19 January 2011
Commander Karta of the U. F. S. Survival and Commander Striker of the U. F. S. DownUnder are sent together on a secret mission. Their mission: to track down the traitor to the Shooting Stars Captain Isusu and take her into custody. However, the friction between the two officers is not exactly helping for this mission. Based on intelligence reports, they fly in a shuttle to the planet Deskat and sneak into a secret underground research station. But they are discovered, and not only their mission, but also their lives are in danger…

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20min 34sec — 27 April 2011
April 2327. Chief Lex rents the private, pimped-out yacht of Captain Ted Erikson for a short joyride. The Volanic counselor Nullbok accompanies his friend to protect him from an impending disaster. However, when they are flashed by the local space traffic authority for speeding, the two of them have no choice but to come to the Captain's private messages and intercept the fine notice, which turns out to be more difficult than expected…

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01hr 53min 51sec — 10 June 2012
Feature film. We're in 2327. The long-suffering captain of the spaceship UFS Survival, Ted Erikson, is facing his most challenging foes: women!

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