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Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II

Golden Age Film; Series (Drama) — Ticonderoga, NY, USA

James Cawley is a professional Elvis Presley imitator and his hobby has always been Star Trek. He was given the original blueprints to the Desilu sets and started to build them. After building the bridge, sickbay and several other sets, he teamed up with the director Jack Marshall and a number of fans whose aim it was to create the missing two years of the original five year mission under James T. Kirk. 


The Star Trek New Voyages team started to create new episodes, based on the original series, to continue where Kirk and his crew had left off when their series was cancelled. They are even numbering their episodes as the fourth season and have so far managed to release 11 new episodes (including the Pilot from 2003). 


The series was made as a fan film project under the direction of James Cawley, who also played James T. Kirk in the New Voyages/Phase II incarnation until mid-2012. Starting with “Bread and Savagery”, Cawley passed on the iconic role of Captain Kirk to the professional actor Brian Gross. James continued to helm the show as Executive Producer, making costumes etc.


Come What May

39min 58sec

Episode Page:

In Harms Way

50min 46sec

Episode Page:

To Serve All My Days

59min 48sec

Episode Page:

World Enough and Time

01hr 04min 08sec

Episode Page:

Blood and Fire

01hr 32min 19sec


Blood and Fire, Part 2

58min 03sec

Enemy Starfleet

52min 35sec

Episode Page:

The Child

05min 47sec

Episode Page:

Center Seat

09min 06sec

Episode Page:

No Win Scenario

09min 00sec

Episode Page:

1701 Pennsylvania Av

11min 01sec

Going Boldly

09min 13sec


01hr 05min 33sec

Mind Sifter

01hr 05min 26sec — 01 December 2014

Mind Sifter

01min 54sec — 01 December 2014

The Holiest Thing

01hr 04min 00sec — 15 January 2016

Current Production Notes

After the release of the CBS Fan-Film Guidelines, New Voyages was forced to close its US operations and the studio has now been converted into the CBS licensed Star Trek Original Series Set Tour.

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