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Starship Valiant

Golden Age Film; Series (Drama) — Oklahoma City

Starship Valiant is a new web series in development at Starbase Studios and created by Michael L. King. The science fiction series takes place roughly after the 3rd season of the original series and focuses on the starship USS Valiant NCC-1707.

Starship Valiant is a web series inspired by the 1966 classic series created by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek. The show is set after the 3rd season of Star Trek and follows the exploits of the Federation Starship USS Valiant, a Constitution-Class ship.

The vessel is captained by Jackson K. Bishop, a stellar man at the helm but riddled with personal challenges. His second in command is Leeza S. Kennedy, an officer who excels in all that she does.

The missions of the Valiant are not that of direct exploration but she is a true “police-ship,” in that she goes where she is needed and most of time this elicits hostile territory. It is our goal to create a series that strives on the human condition. Human beings at their best but not always triumphant in their missions. Personality clashes and deeply developed characters that people can relate to.

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Casting Call (Indian Country Today): (06 Aug 2015)



23min 39sec — 04 July 2014
The personal story of one man dealing with death and turmoil after events led him to assuming command of the USS Valiant. Upon arriving at Earth, he is greeted by a not-so-welcoming daughter whom he tries to reconcile his relationship with while dealing with the massive loss that has engulfed his soul.

YouTube (Special Edition):

DailyMotion (original release):

YouTube (original release; English and Spanish subtitles):

YouTube (Portuguese subtitles):

A Special Edition with extra scenes was released July 11, 2015. We recommend watching the Special Edition, if possible. Skip the original release.

Promotional reel and interviews: (31 Oct 2013)

First day of shooting clip: (23 Nov 2013)

Trailer: (20 Jun 2014)

Podcast interview after premiere: (28 Jun 2014)

Vlog by actor Vance Major Owen about the premiere: (21 Jul 2014)

Long interview with creator Michael King featuring cut footage (Warped Space SciFi): (30 May 2015)

Special edition announcement: (01 Jun 2015)

The Making of Legacy: (14 Aug 2015)


01min 10sec — 04 July 2016
A backdoor introduction to Starship Melbourne, a new fan film series from the same area.


PenPals 2 (a response from Starship Melbourne): (27 Sep 2016)

Chain of Command

07min 38sec — 03 November 2016
Backdoor introduction to, and crossover with, Dreadnought Dominion.


Review (Axanar): (12 Nov 2016)

Crosses to Bear

22min 30sec — 09 December 2016
Stardate 1017.4, the Federation Starship USS Valiant rescues 135 colonists from a Federation outpost only to discover that they have all been stricken with an alien disease and to make matters worse, the medical staff on the Valiant have no antidote to the sickness. Working overtime, Chief Medical Officer Roger Floyd grows attached to the last two remaining children from the colony as he feverishly searches for a cure. Emotionally distraught, he wonders if he fails, will he have the strength to carry on? Taking place several years before the events of Legacy, Crosses to Bear tells the tale of a pivitol event in the life of Roger Floyd.



Trailer: (27 Jan 2017)

The Ties That Bind

15min 50sec — 22 June 2017

Preview - YouTube:

Preview - DailyMotion:

Still in production. Part 1 has been released as a "special preview." Release date and length will be updated as further parts are released.

Command and Conquer

09min 33sec — 11 August 2017
Meanwhile, in the Mirror Universe, the Dreadnaught Dominion gets a new captain...


Crossover with Dreadnought Dominion.


01min 24sec — 14 February 2018
Quickie! A little short diversion by none other than Craig Frey Jr.


Our Review

Presented as a film, but really more of a short VFX reel -- there's no narrative and no voiceover.

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