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Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

Golden Age Film; Long Film (Drama) — Port Henry, NY, USA

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Star Trek: Of Gods and Men is a 40th Anniversary tribute to the entire franchise including many cast members from The Original Series as well as a few from Deep Space Nine and Voyager, and a couple of characters from Generations, which included the crew of The Next Generation cast, and one from Enterprise. It also includes the star of Star Trek Phase II, James Cawley, who worked on The Next Generation behind the scenes. The website contains a single feature-length film in three parts.

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Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

01hr 28min 31sec — 15 June 2007


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Our Review

Good watching.

The writing, acting, and production quality are all professional, if inexpensive. It builds on concepts and ideas that begged to be returned to in prior Treks, but never were. I think it would be a fine first fan film, and anyone could enjoy it. Nevertheless, it is probably a production best appreciated by fans because of how much it draws on from past TV shows and films, bringing things together in ways that make sense. These two characters HAD to meet... they never did.

It reminds us that some of the shows greatest fans were it's actors. I particularly appreciated the scenes where an aged Uhura and a young Tuvok speak. Nichelle Nichols famously wanted to quit Star Trek, and no less a figure than the Rev. Martin Luthur King, Jr. kept her with the show. Whenever people accuse Barak Obama of being a Vulcan, I think of Tim Russ. I refer to Obama as "Tuvok Obama" in my review of Star Trek XI (See Blog 211). This film left me with a renewed sense of gratitude to both the fanatics who keep this show alive and the cast members who cooperate.

Our Synopsis

It could as easily have been titled "The Wrath of Charlie X." It bookends The Original Series with the Movie Generations.

Current Production Notes

The production company has gone on to make Star Trek: Renegades (now simply Renegades).

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