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U.S.S. Danubia

Silver Age Film; Series (Drama) — Regensburg, Germany


The Regensburg Star Trek Fan Club created this fan film which incorporates elements from Star Wars.  Though produced in Germany, it is filmed in the English language.


Force Contact: Resistance Futile Is
YouTube still

28min 50sec — 26 October 2016
Captain Dii and his Crew are facing an unprecedented challenge. An unknown, unstoppable force is attacking the ship with only one goal: To force the Federation to the dark side.

YouTube (German Subtitles):

Our Review

While a serious film on the whole, the movie does not hesitate to engage in visual jokes and occasionally break the Fourth Wall. There is a large cast with entirely homemade costumes and sets. We have not seen the whole thing yet, but for a zero-budget group, this has promise.

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