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Starship Deimos

Golden Age Film; Series (Drama) — Birmingham, Alabama, USA

This series features the adventures of a border patrol ship on the outreaches of Federation territory in 2299, near the Romulan, Tholian and Orion border, in a region known as "The Back Forty-ish". This series is more action-oriented than Potemkin Productions' previous efforts.

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The Lucky One

Season 1 D1-A — 07min 05sec — 09 March 2016
Following an Orion ambush on a war-torn planet, Doctor Maura Drake finds herself treating "The Lucky One."



YouTube (Portuguese subtitles):

Aftermath poster

Season 1 D1-B — 06min 09sec — 21 April 2016
Answering a distress call from a merchant ship with a warp core malfunction, the Starship Deimos rushes in to rescue the crew. Can they make it in time?



YouTube (Portuguese subtitles):

Pas de Trois

Season 1 D01-1 — 14min 51sec — 11 November 2016
After responding to a distress call from a Federation colony, Captain Quinn of the Starship Deimos must try to keep the peace between two important factions who have competing interests in the sector.



The Archive

Season 1 D01-2 — 11min 33sec — 13 January 2017
A Deimos landing party has found something valuable on a poisonous, icy little world. Perhaps too valuable...



No Greater Love

Season 1 D01-3 — 14min 09sec — 26 May 2017
Science Officer Duras has been infected by the inhabitants of Aucilla Omega VI with an incurable disease as a warning to the crew of the Deimos. How can Captain Quinn hope to change the minds of a people like this?



Current Production Notes

Like all Potemkin Productions shows since the CBS fan film guidelines were created, Starship Deimos is not technically a series, but a collection of independent fan productions created by the same team.


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