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Battlecruiser Kupok

Golden Age Film; Series (Drama) — Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Not all conflicts in the Alpha Quadrant involve the Federation...

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Battlecruiser Kupok

Season 1 K1-1 — 13min 22sec — 13 September 2015
Battlecruiser Kupok is on a standard patrol when they receive orders to investigate the possible presence of romuluSngan in the Alawanir Nebula. Their mission is clear, but is everyone to be trusted?



Kupok Mirror:

YouTube (Portuguese subtitles):

A backdoor pilot originally aired as an episode of Project: Potemkin.


B01-A — 07min 56sec — 28 March 2016
While visiting a planet to honor his brother and the crew of the To'ng, Captain Kesh finds the survivors have developed their own society, their own...sanctuary.



YouTube (Portuguese subtitles):

A Gathering Storm

Season 1 B01-2 — 09min 20sec — 08 June 2017
The Starship Triton has been sent to the planet Alkarinque to make a last ditch effort to get its people to accept a treaty with the Federation, in order to protect them from Klingon occupation forces approaching their world. But the Alkarinquans don't seem to be the slightest bit concerned. If anything, they seem quite...eager...



The Soul Of Honor

Season 2 B02-1 — 08min 39sec — 29 August 2017
While officiating an arranged marriage for his daughter, Captain Kesh is given a choice. Does he need to change? Does he need to stand? Only a true Klingon heart will come to understand "The Soul of Honor."



Current Production Notes

Like all Potemkin Productions shows since the CBS fan film guidelines were created, Battlecruiser Kupok is not technically a series, but a collection of fan productions created by the same team. As of October 2016, the Battlecruiser Kupok team has several more videos in various stages of production.

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Potemkin Pictures also created Starship Tristan, Starship Deimos, Project: Potemkin, Starship Endeavor and Starship Triton.

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