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Starship Exeter

Golden Age Film; Series (Drama) — Austin, TX, USA

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The show NBC probably wished they were buying when they bought TOS. Two complete episodes ready for viewing.

Captain John Quincy Garrovick serves on the Exeter, a starship the same class as the Enterprise in TOS. His crew are fresh recruits out of the academy. His bridge crew includes an Andorian, Lt. B'Fuselek, security officer Cutty, and his science officer and No. 1, Jo Harris.

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The Savage Empire
The Savage Empire - "My phaser!"

#1 — 34min 56sec — 19 December 2002
On a mission of peace, the Starship Exeter is drawn into a battle of political intrigue and espionage. Who will survive? Can even Captain Garrovick's own crew be trusted?

YouTube (all):

YouTube (Part 1, Portuguese subtitles):

YouTube (Part 2, Portuguese subtitles):

YouTube (Part 3, Portuguese subtitles):

YouTube (Part 4, Portuguese subtitles):

YouTube (Part 5, Portuguese subtitles):

Review (The Logbook): (19 Dec 2002)

"The Salvageable Empire" Parody by FredCFO1 (Part 1; see his channel for the rest): (02 Oct 2011)

Review (Naked from the Neck Up): (15 Jun 2012)

Review (Axanar): (11 Sep 2015)

Our Review

Rating: 5

There are sets for the surface, as well as park scenes. The quality of production is similar to TOS. Fighting also includes all the elements. Parts of halls collapse, phasers, fistfights... right down to the ribbing jokes aimed at the Andorian crew member, which might have been slightly overdone.

A good show, well worth your time. On a scale of 1 to 5, this show scores a 5. Good quality fun. The exploration of ideas is sci fi, not social, but they explore how a civilization of insect like creatures might see their world.

Our Synopsis

The Andorians have dropped out of communication when the Lexington, another starship, headed there, the only source of medicine to cure their crew. The Exeter is sent to investigate.

The Andorians, we learn, live underground to avoid disturbing nature on the surface of their planet. A rebel element has allied with the Klingons.

Night Shift

#V01 — 03min 40sec — 01 January 2005
A short, humorous vignette.


YouTube (Portuguese subtitles):

YouTube (Portuguese subtitles; alternate):

The Tressaurian Intersection
Tressaurian comic poster

#2 — 51min 46sec — 01 May 2014
The Tressaurian Intersection teaser was released on July 1, 2005, with Acts 1-3 trickling out until 2007. Act 4 finally arrived seven years later, completing this long but wonderful episode of Star Trek.

YouTube (subtitles in Czech, Dutch, English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese):

Among the people involved with Starship Exeter are Dennis Bailey, who wrote two episodes of TNG, the amazing "Tin Man" and the episode (not the movie) "First Contact."

Wreck of the Kongo

Trailer for Act IV: (01 Apr 2014)

Review Thread (TrekBBS): (02 May 2014)

"Easter Egg" Status Report from Commander Cutty: (12 Sep 2014)

Review (Tatum Pictures): (25 May 2015)

Reviews (Ex Astris Scientia): (09 Nov 2016)

Our Review

The hostile reptilian aliens, the Tressaurians, have attacked before... a ship on which our Captain John Quincy Garrovick served as a cadet. They've killed HIS old captain. Our old friends, the Tholians, have created some kind of device the less intelligent reptilian Tressaurians have stolen. Clearly, written by anti-reptile bigots... seriously, though, there's no message here, just action. People sneer at each other, they fight, they win and lose. It's a nice sci-fi story, dangerous devices, fun and Trek-like. Rating: 5+, easily among the best Star Trek fan films of all time.

Current Production Notes

Despite originally planning a third episode, "The Atlantis Invaders," (some information hereStarship Exeter ceased production after completing the ten-year "Tressaurian Intersection" project.

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