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Starship Melbourne

Golden Age Film; Series (Drama)

A new ship is taken off it's shakedown manoeuvres to investigate a lost ship. What they find sends them off in search of lost property that no one even knew existed, let alone that it was missing!

Starring Michael Sylvester, Ron Seipel, John Snow, Reshelle Warren, Allex Illion, Carly Shibby, Brittany Wilson, Shaun Stillwell, Larry Fleming. Directed By Jeremy Minard. Written and Produced By Jeremy Minard, Vance Major


Storm Front pt2

— 30 November -0001
Proposed second episode

Gofundme campaign raised $3,000 in 7 mths to finance episode 2: (27 Mar 2017)

Melbourne Promo

00min 20sec — 01 November 2015
Promotional video for series

Watch on YouTube:

Music: Stand My Ground performed by Within Temptation

Melbourne Teaser Trailer

01min 41sec — 30 January 2016
First Teaser Trailer for series

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Music by Kansas band, The Perfect Pursuit

PenPals 2: A Star Trek Fan Production

01min 23sec — 27 September 2016
First vignette, a reply to a subspace transmission from Lt Cdr Erick Minard, chief engineer of the USS Valiant, to his friend and opposite number on the Melbourne, Lt Cdr Jennifer Sierra

Watch on YouTube:

This is a crossover with the series, Starship Valiant. Watch this vignette, PenPals: A Star Trek Fan Production first at

Melbourne Trailer

01min 00sec — 23 October 2016
Second Teaser Trailer for series

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With voiceover introducing characters

VGer For Women

00min 31sec — 14 February 2017
Second Vignette, a parody “commercial” in honour of Valentine's Day

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Storm Front pt1

11min 26sec — 14 February 2017
First full episode

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Awarded Best Fan Film at Austin Indie Fest, 2017: (11 Nov 2017)

The Hunt A Star Trek Fan Production

01min 11sec — 14 April 2017
Second Vignette, a parody featuring Shaun Stillwell as Ensign Eric Watson

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First Duty

04min 26sec — 17 June 2017
Third Vignette, a flashback or prequel that shows how Cadet Wilma Sierra, played by Brittany Wilson, got her posting to the Melbourne.

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VGer For Men

00min 36sec — 18 June 2017
Fourth Vignette, a parody “commercial” in honour of Father's Day

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Current Production Notes

Produced by ShadowStorm Studios at Starbase Studios who informed Star Trek Reviewed that this project is lead by Vance Major Owen, the producer of a number of Star Trek fan films

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