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Star Trek: Horizon

Stone Age Film; Long Film (Drama) — Jackson, MI, USA

Film from Tommy Craft. Photography began as of November 28 2013, with live action, green screens, location shots, adult professional actors and CGI artists, costumes, and props.

Best original music award
Best special & visual effects award
Best Original Story or Screenplay Award

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Star Trek: Horizon

01hr 42min 35sec — 25 February 2016

Youtube (EN, DE, IT & ES subtitles):

Youtube (with PT subtitles):

Current Production Notes

In April of 2016 a sequel, "Federation Rising," was announced.  However, CBS contacted them and advised them to not make the film, so they will not.

Because of that, Tommy Kraft is producing other films.  As they are released, some will be added in the links attached to this page.

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