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The Metrén Incident

Silver Age Film; Long Film (Drama) — Czech Republic

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The Metrén Incident

56min 22sec — 24 November 2007


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List of Characters:
position, name, species
Scientist T’Prill, Vulcan (Professor, Vulcan Science Academy)
Captain of the USS Avatar Talisa Ren, Trill, (Captain, Commanding Officer)
First officer of the USS Avatar, Min Doomer , Human (Commander)
Doctor of the USS Avatar, Zayra Mirat, Bajoran(Lt. Commander)
Engineer of the USS Avatar, Philips Brown, human(Lt. Commander)
Operations Officer, USS Avatar Joshua Pierce, Human(Lt.)
Chief of Security, Adrian T,. Shepard III, human (Lt. Commander)
Security Officer, Sayako Sulu, human, (Ensign)
Helmsman, Talvin Tos, Trill,(Lt.)
Helmsman, Toran Irat, Bajorian (Ensign)
Ships Counselor, Dyan Azar, Betazoid/human (Lt)
Engineer, Michael Schmid, Human, Ensign
Operations, Lucie Schmid, human, Ensign
Admiral, Admiral Jirkovsky, human, Admiral
Admiral, Admiral H, El-Aurian, Admiral

Governor of Planet Metren, Garzon, Metren,
Chief Commander of the Metren Elite Squad, Goreth, Metren
Member of the Metren Elite Squad, Garogh, Metren
member of the Metren Elite Squad, Giral, Metren
Member of the Metren Elite Squad, Gertos, Metren.

Woman in Sphere: Nothing known.

Our Review

Rating: 5.  The show is well written, well timed, makes an enjoyable use of green screens and sets.  The CGI is a little weak, but does the job.  It’s well directed and pretty well edited.  It includes some data collection which lets us know at the end Section 31 is blocking, and shows a Stargate which is taken from the TV series, not the Iconion Stargate, but this is not relevant to the story.  It is entertaining and engaging, and well directed.  It doesn’t drag.  The mixture of serious and parody/comedic elements took a little getting used to, but I have to say, overall, well edited.  And it makes an entire series of points.  The planetary government keeps doing things and then denying them or blaming the Federation or both, including degrading their planetary environment to the point where it threatens their existence.

Our Synopsis

[Spoilers ahead!]

The film opens with a Vulcan woman in mediation riding in a small, one-person spacecraft.  We later learn her name is T’Prill.  Her ship is chased by a larger ship.  She tries to hide, unsuccessfully in a dense asteroid field, but a tractor beam grabs her ship and takes her inside.

We see the opening credits for Metrensky Incident.

We are on a 4-nacelle spacecraft later identified as the Avatar.  A group of people is gathered in Engineering, bent over something, and calling out engineering–sounding stuff, including coils and reboot.  But it’s a touch of parody... just ‘the captain’s favorite toaster.’

Captain Talisa Ren, A Trill, calls them.  They have to leave their current mission of ‘classifying Horgans’ (another joke).  She has received a communication from Starfleet.  Admiral Jirkowsky tells her that T’Prill, a Vulcan scientist, an expert on terraforming, has disappeared, and that scans show no debris field from her spacecraft.  An ion field leads to a non-Federation M class planet, Metren.

Captain Talisa Ren orders that they go to that scene at maximum warp.  She reviews the files, and agrees with the Admiral’s assessment.

Metren has 12 fighting spaceships, the Avatar could handle up to three of them, but probably not more.  They are usually a reasonable and non-aggressive species.

Captain Talisa Ren hails the planet.  The first call is to an official who is not appropriate... the computer is not responding appropriately.  The Captain gives more exacting instructions and the computer now calls a more appropriate official.

The Governor of Planet Metren, Garzon, says they don’t have the Vulcan.  The Captain explains they may not know they have her, but she is on the planet.  He still refuses to let them search for T’Prill.  The Captain explains that the Warp signatures of the ships are those of the Metren Fleet government ships.  The Captain points out that, under the Treaty Metren has with the Federation, she has a right to do so.  Garzon cites both a part of the treaty that permits him to ban them from coming during an emergency, and a part of the treaty that permits him to end the treaty and invokes that, terminating the treaty.

We are looking at T’Prill in captivity.  She is being told by a member of the race on the planet, later identified as Chief Commander of the Metren Elite Squad, Goreth, that she has to help them.  Her research can save their planet.

Back on the Avatar, the Captain asks for No. 1, Min Doomer.  No 1 doesn’t respond, so the Captain has her located... she was in a holodeck with a Risa program wind surfing.  She appears in the meeting room dressed for wind surfing.  Once the senior officers are assembled, the Captain asks the computer to summarize the rules on unilaterally ending the treaty.  The computer says it can be done, but requires a prior notice of 32.37 hours... the local time of one day.  Asked why the computer didn’t give that information initially, the computer expert explains the computer has a software virus which effects it\s fuzzy logic ability so it only answers exactly what it’s asked.  The Captain wants both the virus and her toaster fixed.   She asks for volunteers for the away mission, and several officers do, but she holds back the Engineer, saying she wants him there to fix the toaster.

They decide to send an away team into the atmosphere to scan for T’Prill with their shuttle craft, which they call the ‘Snail.’  To distract the fighters the main ship will also pull in an start scanning the planet.  Unfortunately, once the Snail enters the atmosphere (which we later find is the extent of certain planetary shields) it will lose communications with the main ship.

There are 11 government installations which would be likely places for them to be hiding T’Prill.

5 fighter ships approach the Avatar.  They don’t respond to the Captains hails, they just accuse of her attacking and attack.  The Captain scans the fighters for T’Prill, who is not on board.  Then she returns fire, but not effectively.   Now, there are 9 fighters after the Avatar.  There is an explosion in a panel display, and the Engineering staff notices there Is no hole in it.  Joke, Did you ever see a hole on the Enterprise after its panels exploded?

Scanners on the Avatar scan four possible bases and show no Vulcan lifesigns.  But they find one at the fifth base they scan.

We see that things are OK on the Snail, but then five of the fighter craft go after it, and the Snail is in trouble.  They try to dive quickly, since they are below the planetary shields and can’t transport back to the ship.  They transport to the ground in two groups, one of four people, then the pilot, later, just moments before the fighters destroy the Snail.  The group of four see the Snail explode above them, but don’t know if the pilot escaped, and if he did, where his transport landed him.   He lands somewhere in the rain.  He tries to use his communicator, but it’s useless.

The larger group try to use their communicators to raise the captain or the pilot, but they are useless.

T’Prill’s captor explains that they need T’Prill to help them with a planetary climate emergency.  When she suggests he could have just asked the Federation, he says he knows from discussions with the Ferangi that the Federation would have first made a deal to help them, but would have then occupied their planet.  T’Prill tries, without success, to tell him he has been misinformed, then explains she needs access to her data at the Vulcan Academy of Science or she can’t help them.  She is in front of machines that resemble 1960s and 1970s main frame computers.  She agrees that they have assembled adequate equipment, so she will try to help them.

On the ship, the Captain learns that the away team has transported to safety, but they have no communications with them and don’t know where they are.  Ensign Sulu (An Asian Czech!) reports on damage around the ship .  The Captain asks that they file a report on all of it.

Engineering reports that a panel exploded but without consequential damages.

Governor of Planet Metren, Garzon claims that the Federation was attacking him (which of course is not true, he sent ships to attack the Avatar) and demands that the Avatar leave orbit.  He says he’ll send fighters if they are not gone in two hours.

Chief Commander of the Metren Elite Squad, Goreth,  updates Governor Garzon about his progress with T’Prill, and also that the landing party is nearby.  Governor Garzon tells him to NOT tell T’Prill of this.

The Trill pilot sees a metal-like globe grow in front of him.  He hides behind trees, and crouches.  A woman emerges from the globe and asks for his name.  She does not look like the species from that planet.  There is an interaction, and the globe, the woman, and the pilot’s clothing are all gone.  I have been told via e-mail that the music is from Terminator 3, and this is supposed to connect to that franchise. (A violation of canon, but not essential to the story).

Two uniformed natives of the planet transport to a location near the other four members of the landing party.   They fire on the landing party, which takes cover behind rocks, and returns fire.  One of the native men fall, but also Ships Counselor, Dyan Azar, one of the landing party who had been among those advising the Captain earlier in the show, is reduced to a puddle.  A survivor who is Bejoran, takes a sample from the puddle remains after recommending her deceased friend to the Prophets. They have to move on, they cannot take the time to deal with their grief.

The local who was shot behind the rock is alive, and they work to keep him alive.  They find that his tricorder can be used to cut through the atmosphere and communicate with their ship, also to scan on the planet’s surface.  It needs adjustments to work.

Meanwhile, the stripped Trill pilot sees and follows a local in a uniform.  He knocks out the uniformed local, and the Trill tries to steal his shoes, but his feet are too small.  Nevertheless, the pilot finds the other surviving three members of the landing party.  They head across the land but have no idea what to do if they find something.  The pilot working on adjusting the Metren tricorder to scan and communicate for them.   They come across what looks like a Stargate (It is from the TV show Stargate not an Iconian Stargate, and uses the music from the TV show, and therefore violates canon.  However, it is not essential to the story.).  They also find a dead individual with a symbiant who is not a Trill.   They take samples from nearby rocks and record their findings for later analysis.

Back on the ship, they have been scanning the planet and interpreting the data, and they discover that Metren’s ecosphere is in severe turmoil.  They realize that T’Prill was kidnapped because of her work on terraforming.  But that is done on dead worlds, it would be very dangerous to try it on a living planet.

On the planet, the pilot is working to readjust the communicator to work on this planet.  He succeeds, and in minutes the Avatar is downloading data about climate change on Metron to the away team’s tricorder.

There is interaction in which discussion about how Metron has only days to save itself.

Governor of Planet Metren, Garzon attacks the Avatar again, this time with six ships.  He interrupts the captain, not giving her time to offer him her help.

Below, the Away Team has located a hidden complex and is making its way through the halls looking for T’Prill.  They win a fight with guards, but the fight sets off an alarm.

Above, the Avatar is now fighting 6, then 9 Metren ships.  Sulu figures out that the ships are not effected by direct hits on their shielding, but can be harmed by the shock waves set off by indirect hits.

T’Prill works on a bank of what looks like 1960s or 1970s main frame computers.  She is almost done with a step of her work when her primary captor, Goreth, tries to get her to leave before the Away Team finds her.  She tells him she must finish to save Metren, and refuses to go.

Avatar’s shields are down to 63 per cent.

The landing party finds T’Prill. When they arrive, Goreth uses T’Prill for a shield, but the Away Team shoot anyway, knocking him out and saving T’Prill.   She does what she must, and agrees to continue her work from the safety of Vulcan.  The Avatar, in spite of battle issues, lowers their shields for a moment to beam her up along with the away team.

T’Prill discusses matters with the Captain.  She needs to go to the Vulcan Academy o f Science.

Credits begin to roll, but are repeatedly interrupted with shorts which wrap up issues in the film.

The Avatar tries to order a new shuttle, which is of a type no longer made.  The Admiral comments that they are lucky money isn’t used anymore, or they’d be docked for the loss.

The away team tries to do an analysis of their data, but is blocked by Section 31.

T’Prill finds she has given Metren stability for five years, and that’s the best she can do at this time, but they can work to make adjustments and she can try to improve and continue her own research.

On the Holodeck, the pilot repeats his experience with the Sphere.

Two officers use phasers to shoot balls of light flying around them.

Current Production Notes

This group is now working on a second film, "Star Trek: Skryte hry" (Secret Games), which is the first episode of a mni-series called "Between the Lines".

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