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Borg War

Silver Age Film; Long Film (Drama)

Animated, Machinima, set about 15 years after Voyager returns.

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Review (Trekkie Central Magazine): (01 Apr 2008)

Borg War

01hr 25min 12sec — 04 November 2006

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Our Review

The voices of the animation are from real actors who worked on authorized Professionally produced Trek. However, these voices were apparently done for a game or other use, and adapted into this. They were not hired separately and used to voice this movie (as opposed to Of Gods and Men, and some of the Phase II films, which have been made by the actors as independent films).

Rating 1: I found the film long and except for a few moments here and there, boring.
The format, the use of machina or games, to make a movie, is a very limiting format. No character development is even possible. Any feelings one has for the characters depends on prior experience in other media. Having said that, the focus on Tuvok was a good choice, since as a full-blooded Vulcan, one would expect him to express little by way of feelings. The movie is basically one battle after another. To be fair, it's called "Borg War."

The writing is limited by this medium as well. In this case, it also simply carried a very heavy burden on suspension of disbelief both because we are asked to believe the whole enormous Borg collective is taken over by a large insect species (which it calls exomorphs, not exoskeletons, even though the beings don't 'morph' at all.) When the exoskeleton Borg (who are now no longer part of the old collective) take over the Enterprise, both the means by which they take it over and the means by which it is regained is not believable. Of course, there are endless battles because the medium limits what you can deal with to little else.

The confidence of the Romulans that the Federation and the Klingons can defeat the Borg while fighting each other is likewise unbelievable. However, the way the Romulans try to set up certain actions is cleverly laid out. There are a couple of interesting plot twists, but not enough to hold my attention for 90 minutes.

The sound is uneven in the DVD, at least, as well. At times it gets louder and softer, so that you either have to adjust it constantly or it's goes from too loud to too soft. Given these limitations, however, the editing was done as well as this medium permits. I have to hold the writer responsible for picking a medium that has severe limitations, so on that ground, the writing is weak. Within these limitations, however, the writer has worked with what he or she had at hand probably to relatively good effect. However, the limitations of games is mitigated, when you play them, by the personal involvement of the player. Merely watching the game is dull.

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