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Retail Trek

Silver Age Film; Series (Drama) — Nottingham, UK

Formerly known as "Star Trek Roddenberry".


The Partnership

19min 04sec — 17 February 2012

Youtube (part 1):

Youtube (part 2):

Our Review

Live action silver age film by adult fans using green screens, costumes, and with much improved writing, acting, and film and audio quality when compared with their prior effort "Star Trek Roddenberry".  It is described as a training video for a store, but I didn't see the training.  Instead, I saw a version of Trek Ayn Rand could love.

Our Synopsis

Centers on a member of the United Trade Federation (Federated Department Stores?). Their rival space-faring retailer?  Wal-Mart!

Wal-Mart has stolen a prototype time travel device to become the dominant retailer in the Quadrant. The United Trade Federation ship follows him back in time through his vortex (with footage taken from the movie, Star Trek: First Contact.)

Star Trek: Roddenberry

22min 46sec — 09 January 2015

Youtube (part 1):

Youtube (part 2):

Donald Leveratt and Robert Yates are the major movers.

Originally released in 3 parts in 2004 (videos for this release are no more available). This is the "special edition", re-released in 2015 as a two-part episode.

Our Review

(About the original 2004 release) Sound and video quality are pretty poor.

Current Production Notes

In a PM dated February 17, 2012, Wardmarshall has had stated that he does not intend to continue either "Star Trek Rodenberry" or "Retail Trek" as a series, but might still create an ending to "Star Trek Roddenberry". It seems he actually did it, releasing a "special edition" of the episode in 2 parts instead of the initial 3 parts.

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