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Star Trek: Red Squad!projects/c24vq

Silver Age Animation; Series (Drama)

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Created by Chris Kroznuski in 2009, Red Squad (formerly known as Star Trek: Red Squad) is a fan production that revolves around young Eric Davids and his friends to stop a Romulan terrorist's reign of terror in the galaxy. This series is unique in that with every episode released, the production quality has increased dramatically.

News, Reviews, & Links

Prose Story prequels (link is to the first): [broken] (31 Dec 2008)

Community Forum: (07 Jul 2011)

General series info: (12 Aug 2011)

Voice Casting call: (12 Aug 2011)

USS Pegasus Bridge Walkthrough: (13 Oct 2011)

Original Music: (30 May 2012)

Short FX Demo Reel: (18 Oct 2012)

Armada: Reimagined Klingon Theme: (28 Oct 2012)

Test Footage: (17 Jun 2014)

Prototype Intro Sequence: (08 Jul 2014)


Incursion at Sagan
Red Squad #1 Image

06min 41sec — 01 March 2009
While preparing for a routine training mission, a group of elite cadets receive a distress call.


Kosac's Tears

11min 40sec — 17 June 2010
The cadets of Red Squad realize their enemy, unfortunately the Enterprise is in no shape to fight them.

YouTube (Part 1 of 2):

YouTube (Part 2 of 2):

Episode 4 (In Progress)

05min 47sec — 01 January 2018

Episode 4 Preview (Act I) (YouTube):

Still in progress. Only Act I has been posted, and is unfinalized.

Episode 4 Teaser Trailer: (30 May 2011)

Episode 4 - Teaser Trailer #1 OFFICIAL: (10 Feb 2012)

Production "Mega-Update" covering 3D animation for Episode 4: (17 Mar 2012)

Episode 4 - Tease 2: (22 Apr 2015)

Current Production Notes

According to a Facebook post (, Red Squad will complete production of Episode 4 and then remaster Episodes 1 and 2. This will conclude the project, which was cut short due to the CBS Fan Film Guidelines.

The filmmaker also has shorts entitled "Star Trek Valkyrie" and "Star Trek Pegasus" on his You Tube home page, as well as many other trailers and teasers and tests for Red Squad.  We, of course, look forward to each adventure!

Star Trek Begins was a planned project from the same studio. On August 5, 2015, I discussed this with Chris Kroznuski, and he said this was on long term hold, and possibly abandoned.  He didn't know when, or if, he would get back to this project.  I am leaving my earlier notes here, for anyone who remains interested in its history.

Robert April commands the USS Enterprise before Pike.  Live Action Fan series; Adult fans, sets, costumes.  Set in the JJAbrams timeline, but before the bulk of his movie, "Star Trek" take place.  (North Carolina).  Working January 2013.
Video: (1:10)

This thread updates their progress as of January 31, 2013:

Concept video posted 3/7/2013: (1:11)

This is the Enterprise they are using, video posted 4/10/2013: (2:05)

Enterprise in Action, Posted 5/22/2014 (0:20)

In December 2013, they announced casting children to play young Jim Kirk and young Gary Mitchel in a short film to be filmed in late January 2014.
Teaser, released 4/11/2014: (1:14)

Pictures of the shoot with Klingons were posted in late March 2014.  Also, it appears that they are using the Farragut Films studios.

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