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Star Trek: Aurora

Golden Age Animation; Series (Drama) — Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Kara and T

A fully animated show set just after TOS which follows a non-Starfleet merchant ship


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Review (Jonathan Lane): (04 Sep 2015)


Aurora beauty shot

55min 28sec — 07 March 2012
Pilot episode

YouTube (subtitles in French):


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Part 1 (Catalan subtitles):

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Reaction Thread (TrekBBS): (17 Jul 2010)

Review (Fan Film Follies): (18 Nov 2011)

Interview with creator Tim Vining (TrekSpeak): (07 Apr 2012)

Our Review

Rating: 5 of a possible 5. One of the best Star Trek Fan Films ever made.

Do You Mind (Meld)?
Do You Mind thumb

01min 05sec — 10 July 2015
A humorous short.



Mudd In Your I
Kara Thumbnail

38min 13sec — 07 October 2016
Harry Mudd, that interstellar rogue, is up to his old tricks--and maybe some new ones. A chance encounter with the old rascal has caused some drastic changes aboard the Aurora, and now Kara and T'Ling must race to catch up with Mudd before it's too late!

YouTube (subtitles in French):



Current Production Notes

Production ended after second episode due to CBS fan film guidelines. However, creator Tim Vining hopes "to revisit these characters at some point." A 3min 42sec teaser trailer was released for a third episode "Thine Own Self," on Feb 26, 2013, but the teaser is no longer online. Vining instead began working on Quest of the Key, an animated fantasy movie with much of the same cast.

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