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Star Trek: Euderion

Silver Age Film; Series (Drama) — Berlin, Germany

Original cast

A German Star Trek fan club effort, including a number of shorts and crossover stories.

2016 cast (Euderion Abendmahl)

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Discussion (Fan Film Follies): (21 Apr 2010)


Nach dem Krieg ist vor dem Krieg
Euderion 1x01 Poster

1x01 — 40min 12sec — 19 December 2009
"After the War is Before the War": Takes place after the Dominion War.

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Review (Fan Film Friday): (16 Apr 2010)

The Red Shirt Diaries

04min 00sec — 17 July 2010
A parody, "The Injured Red Shirt" which asks the question, what happens to Red Shirts when they AREN'T dead?

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Space Race

13min 15sec — 05 November 2012
"This is the newest adventure of the Euderion Crew. Space Race ist a short film that immediately adjacent to some plot lines of our first film. The Crewmembers DiFalco and Hayes wanted to make a trip to Risa, but thats not so easy. They make a stop on a neutral space station where they are applied with a Klingon. To resolve the differences, they decide to make a shuttle race. This is a NO-BUDGET Movie from Fans, so please do not expect a high end movie."


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Stargate - The Euderion Chronicles

37min 47sec — 13 November 2012
Based on Stargate, not Star Trek. Included solely for completeness. (And we may yet decide to delete it anyway.)


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YouTube (Part 3 of 3):

Lern Klingonisch!

03min 47sec — 09 November 2013
Die Geschichte zwischen Klingonen und dem Rest der Galaxie ist eine Geschichte der Missverständnisse. Dies zeigt auch unsere neue Vignette. Eigentlich sind unsere beiden Klingonen nur auf der Suche nach etwas gescheitem zu Essen. Doch diese Suche gestaltet sich schwerer als Gedacht ;)

"The history between Klingons and the rest of the galaxy is a story of misunderstandings. This also shows in our new vignette. Actually our two Klingons are eating just looking for something clever. But this search is more difficult than they expected!"


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Schatten der Vergangenheit

15min 40sec — 01 January 2014
"Shadows of the Past": Vignette. Ein neues Crewmitglied, Lieutenant Elias Reynolds, soll sich auf der USS Euderion melden. Auf dem Flug zu seinen neuen Posten reflektiert er über die letzten Tage des Dominion krieges und dem Tod eines guten Freundes. Vignette 4 der Star Trek Euderion Adventures ist eine No-Budget Green Screen Verfilmung des Euderion Fanfilm-Clubs in Berlin.


Der Preis des Kommandos
The Price of Command DVD cover

09min 49sec — 10 May 2014
"The Price of Command". Vignette 5.

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Euderion vs. Alien

19min 09sec — 21 September 2016
Crossover with the Alien franchise.


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Auf Asklepio Spurin

28min 50sec — 24 December 2016
"On Asklepios Trails": The USS Euderion saves a freighter crew from attacking Nausicaans pirates. One of the two survivors was seriously injured in the attack and urgently needed surgery. But this is forbidden by his religion.

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This episode is branded Euderion Infinity.

Current Production Notes

Based on their large collection of teaser trailers, they also appear to be creating animated works called "Star Trek Kehleyr" and "Star Base Roddenberry," plus other non-Trek works.

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